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Bitcoin as investment

Hi! Just created a wallet and am having as much fun learning about cryptography and P2P networks as about bitcoins!
Sadly, here in Aus there's very little material use for bitcoins (yet). However I'm looking at the price history and it's really on the way up the past few months! It's nearly higher than the peak just before the big MtGox hacking thing.
So I'm thinking of doing an 'investment' (even though that's not the point) and buying a few hundred dollars worth of coins. Any thoughts? Is that sacreligious?
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How is the price of Bitcoin connected between the different exchanges/currencies?

Forgive my ignorance, I'm trying to understand the market a little better. I've been tracking the price along with buy/sell orders predominantly on bitcoinity for AUD MtGox (where I am) and recently started trailing the USD and CNY MtGox chart as well. I noticed that especially the US one is way more active and dynamic, with orders going through nearly every minute, whereas the AUD exchange is a lot slower - sometimes order sprees are half an hour to an hour apart. Likewise the CNY MtGox exchange is quite slow, while Btcchina is on par with US MtGox in terms of activity.
My question is, how much influence does one exchange exert over another when it comes to price and timing? It would be very naive to think that the Australian exchange wouldn't be affected by some major happening on either the US or Chinese exchanges (along with the rest of the world of course, but those two are the largest ones right now afaik). So I think it's easily possible that the general trend is the same on each exchange because ultimately the BTC economy is one network (right?).
My point of reference is the price on Coinjar (it's basically the AU equivalent to Coinbase), the local service I use. They say their price is roughly the average between MtGox and Bitstamp, though I haven't seen a chart for AUD Bitstamp.
This isn't really a "should I buy now or not" speculative thread, if you can recommend some tracking strategies and tools though I'm all ears.
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