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The Master Plan for BitcoinDiscussion: An Outline of the Goals and Intentions and Response to Moderation Questions


There's been a surge in users and interest over the past few weeks. Welcome! It's a pleasure to have you join us here! Along with this new influx of users, there have been a lot of questions about this sub and its moderation.
A lot of questions should already be answered in the manifesto, and the posting rules and guidelines, so make sure you've read them both. I'm going to answer questions from these two threads here and here. If you asked a question there, and feel that I still haven't answered it in here, please post below.
There will be three main sections in this thread.

The Destination

This is already described in the manifesto, but I'm also going to clarify several things. Make sure you read it first.
This is a place for high quality, serious content. To my knowledge, there does not yet exist a publicly accessible space in the Bitcoin ecosystem that caters to the exchange of ideas in a thoughtful, respectful, and meaningful way. This does not mean a place to say whatever you want. It also does not mean a place where you can surround yourself with people who agree with you and ridicule anyone else.
I would also love to have a place where the top experts and creators feel comfortable reaching out and communicating in public without fear of abuse or harassment. Sadly, most of the top names avoid open online fora at this point because of the toxicity. It would be great to have more of them back and willing to interact on here.
Take a look through science, geopolitics, and spacex. Those are good examples of subs to for us to emulate.
You do not see insults thrown around, there are no memes, and users put real effort into their comments. You will also notice, if you look carefully, that they are aggressively moderated. Which brings us to our next section:

The Administration

There are 4 parts to this section: governance, moderators, transparency, and rule enforcement.


The sub is not a public agora, where everyone is entitled to come and have their say.
It is a salon or a coffeehouse.
I am your host, and you are my valued guests. As such, I have the final say on issues.
There are two reasons for this:
  • That's how reddit is built. There is no other model, and every other sub you go to is under the same model. If you think there is a democracy anywhere on reddit, you have been fooled. If there is a community that takes actions based on community votes or willpower, that is just because the head mod has allowed this to happen.
  • I don't believe it wouldn't otherwise work. If there were some kind of mechanism to allow the enforcement of the community's will, then we would be royally screwed. Any group larger than ours could simply subscribe en masse, and then vote this place into a sub to discuss stamp collecting. And on top of that, reddit is highly sybillable and vulnerable to vote manipulation. As such, I think it is a highly desirable that reddit has the model it does. (And yes, I know I am biased and might be wrong. If that is the case, then I will learn a harsh lesson as my time investment here goes to waste.)
Everything you see about the goals for this place are declarations of things that I will strive for. It is a statement from myself to you as the community. In the manifesto, there is a reference to accountability to the community. This does not mean doing whatever the community wants. This means making an extra effort to be accessible, transparent, and fair to the community.
I do not expect anyone to trust me. Rather, I expect to earn your trust over time if I succeed in cultivating a useful space for you. For those who have joined early on, I thank you for your energy, and for placing at least some confidence in me not throwing your efforts away.


I have been asked about how other moderators have been and will be chosen. I will start with the first.
The other moderators at the moment are personal friends of mine. This is rather embarrassing, but the reason they are there is because it was quite lonely with just me here at the beginning, and I felt super uncool inviting people to a subreddit with just me. I asked them if they would be moderators so that the place looked a little less pathetic. They agreed. And if you check the moderator's logs, you will see that they have done precisely zero moderation (which is totally fine).
I'll be removing all of them (except one in case something happens to me and the place needs to get passed on), and from now on I will only add new moderators as they are needed.
For now, new moderators will be chosen at my discretion. Depending on the situation, I may consult the membership for advice, but the final say will be mine. Again, this is how all subreddits function.


I am committed to running this subreddit in a transparent manner.
  • publicmodlogs is here to stay.
  • if a non-spam comment is removed for breaking rules, the moderator doing so will leave it publicly visible that a comment has been deleted, and reply with an explanation.

Rule Enforcement:

The posting rules and guidelines leave room for interpretation.
Myself and any other future moderators will be responsible for interpreting the rules and acting accordingly.
If there is a a grey area, the determining factor will be answering the question: "Does this comment contribute to the community's goals?"
Content will not be removed because we disagree or just don't like your opinion. Content will not be removed because we are trying to hide something (remember, publicmodlogs).
Memes and jokes? Price speculation? They will be removed.
Content will be removed for being low-effort[*]. Content will be removed for being unkind. Content will be removed for being off-topic. Content will be removed for being aggressive toward an individual or entity.
Content will be removed for dragging in the meta-war going on between the two big subreddits and their respective tribes. This will not become another battleground, and I will be extra strict about enforcing that. Now, you can talk about that whole dispute. You can make calm observations about the goings-on, but if it even seems like an attempt to wage that war here, that content will be removed.
Trying to get the moderators to pick a side of the war is not allowed in this subreddit. I will neither condemn nor defend the actions of moderators on other forums. This is my first time moderating any kind of online community, and I intend to run it very differently than how the other Bitcoin communities are run. Any opinions that myself or the moderators express outside this subreddit are 100% personal, and are irrelevant to the moderation of this sub. Trying to drag that into our little garden here will get you banned really quickly. Speaking of which:
Bans will happen. Basically, users will get a single warning for breaking the rules. After that, they will get continually lengthier bans for each infringement. First ban is 1 day. Second ban is 3 days. Then 9 days. Then 27. You get the idea: 3x where x = number of previous bans. This is experimental and might change if it sucks.
[*] Just to be clear, low effort does not necessarily mean short. Sometimes short comments are acceptable, such as when asking for clarification, providing a source, etc.

The Plan

There are three phases to the plan:

(1) Bootstrapping

This has been the initial six months of the this sub's existence (since I acquired it earlier this year). It involved me personally reaching out to users one by one and trying to get people to join. It involved me posting 95% of the content, and responding to every single comment that anyone posted here.
During this phase, moderation was much more relaxed than it will be once we have reached The Destination. This was because having more traffic was a higher priority, so I was willing to tolerate a wider range of comments and posts than usual. I also made a point to reach out to users and explain in detail why they had content removed, and to thank them for their interest. Myself and any future moderators may not have the time to do this in future phases, though I'll try to do it as long as is reasonable.
We've more or less reached the end of this phase because now most of the content is produced by you, the members, and I believe that the survival and growth of the sub is no longer dependent on my comments and promotion.
This brings us to:

(2) Transition

We are just beginning this phase now. At this point, priorities shift from growth to content quality. In phase 1, growth was top priority. Now, they are on equal footing.
Moderation will tighten up, but still not to how strict it will be once we are in phase 3. I'll still err on the side of welcoming content over hardcore quality, but you might notice a growing expectation that you must put more effort and thought into expressing yourself clearly and kindly.
Comments and threads like these will no longer be tolerated: link, link
Near the end, we will also start phasing out threads like this: link

(3) Maintenance

At this phase, growth is no longer a priority, and the job of the moderators (hopefully plural at this point) will be to ensure high quality.
We won't be actively promoting the sub (although you still can!) and will likely have our hands full with quality control as the bar is at its highest.
Moderation will be strictest. Lazy comments will be removed for being low-effort. If there was a calm way to say something, but you were snarky, your comment will be gone. You get the idea.
Comments like these will no longer be tolerated: link, link
At this point, submission statements will also be required. If you post a link to an idea or piece of news, you will be expected to start the conversation by writing a single-paragraph introduction in the comments.


And that's where things will be going.
A lot of that might have sounded heavy-handed. That is intentional.
I would rather push away potential users now than have members be disappointed and angry later on when their expectations aren't met.
I will be stickying this thread and will continue to answer questions in the comments below.
[nice mode: activate]
Thank you so much to everyone who has come here so far. I know I sound like a hard-ass right now, but almost everyone new has been fucking fantastic, and it's been great to see real constructive dialogue going on. And please tell me what you think about this place and my moderation especially if you are happy with it! Even though I will call the shots around here, I want to know what people think, and people who are displeased tend to be much more vocal than those who are happy or content.
Again, thanks for all your help. I'm super excited about how things have gone, and where they'll go next!
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A year of shitposting

Since I'll stop funposting, I made a selection of my favorite posts.

#0 /ComedyCemetery — It's funny because sex


My first downvotes beyond a few points, completely by mistake. I used to post in much smaller and internet-savy communities in which people were easily able to detect irony and humor, which on reddit would get interpreted as a cringy way of posting. That's what happened here. I was surprised by how the hivemind on reddit worked, so I thought to learn more about it and have fun with it.


Before criticizing it, you have to know that there's a whole fanbase that ships those two and for good reasons. Or rather half of them are good, the other ones are basically "cuz' it's cute/hot". Which isn't too invalid either since appropriation of cultural products are common place, and if you've read major works in literature you should know what I mean, it's basically fanfics of fanfics all the way down. I should add shipping is fun because it uses the basic tension at the heart of any romance, that is, trying to fit together two characters that have some potential chemistry but also face obstacles because of external factors or individual traits, and Elsa/Anna fits this bill.
Anyway, I digress, the good reasons are that, perhaps by coincidence, Elsa's story can very easily be read as a symbolic story of a coming out. Sure if you aren't used to lesbian media this might seem like over-analyzing, but if you don't want to go down that rabbit hole, just trust me: Frozen in many aspects just looks like it's heavily loaded with subtext. Could be a huge coincidence. But still, it's no wonder a fanbase formed around shipping Anna and Elsa and there was a little while ago people to ask Disney to officially make Elsa a lesbian.
So now, this picture. I could have been good, as it trivializes as much as possible that whole shipping business, almost ironically even. Problem is, it seems to buildup to a punchline, like a really good one, but then instead abruptly ends in the most unimpressive way.
Conflict of interest disclosure: I hold no share in the Elsa/Anna fanbase, I'm just a exterior observer who tried to understand what the heck was going on with all those pictures shipping two girls from a recent Disney movie.

#1 /SubRedditDrama — "Response from Twitch" to Yandere Simulator Dev. Popcorn so sweet it can kill

Oh damn, I never thought I'd hear about him again, I know that guy! It was a while ago, I was posting on a now defunct anime RP forum, it had a really great vip section where we could let our imagination actually run wild. See, most RPs fora are pretty restricted in what they allow even just to stay on a certain theme, but there it was a mix of everything crazy, but we could make subcommunities which they called "villages" much like reddit so it kinda sorted itself out. I made a yuri village there because other forums had banned me for ridiculous reasons, and it turned out great, this guy helped me understand how stuff worked there and participated regularity (it's just RP, doesn't matter who you actually are), and I could finally RP with more interesting stuff such as sadism or nonconventional relationships, like, I discovered that some people are shunned because they are supposedly in "abusive" relationships but when you talk to them you realize that's just what they want and they're happy like that, or how some other people are attracted to children and they're not that horrible I mean why discriminate based on age, I also felt attraction to younger girls sometimes and I'm not crazy nor violent it was only really once I squished that bird to death I was young okay I was discovering the world and I taught me how death looked like which we tend to forget in today's oversheltered society we are afraid of the big bad pedophile, the rapist, abusive husbands/wives but it's just fear of the Other, we shame pedophiles or so-called abusive relationships like we once shamed black people so shut the fuck up and stop talking to me through electromagnetic waves about what I do all the time it's wearing me out and that's what made me violent in the past 'kay my cat told me you just relay the devil's messages and it's always given me good advice.
Anyway we really connected and we created incredible stories you'd never read in today's books we dreamed of a freer society were we could be free to experiment at whatever age with our bodies violently or not, and we both new death was just a step in the life of our inner mind, so we were cool about writing about how love and death are like opposite but complementary forces in the universe, we wrote 1M+ words I think. We tried to make people we knew understand and discover this world we were discovering, like other people did in the past but we were rejected and we agreed to meet to discuss how to improve our strategy but he wanted more I told him I didn't like guys romantically but he didn't cared and came with his scalpel he used on him to feel closer to the universe's fundamental principles to try to make me understand even though I told him I wasn't ready for that yet he insisted and thought it was a good idea to teach me his most radical take on pain and tried to slip the scalpel in my pants so I could feel its edge deep inside me but I managed to free myself before he went further than the inner labia and when I woke up from my black out there was blood everywhere and he was lying on the ground so I got the fuck out of there mostly unharmed and got home and finished writing my slash fanfic about Sailor Moon and her mother.
Ha, this thread really takes me back! My teenage years were a wild ride.

#2 /CringePics — What does your mind's eye see now?


An exercise in automatic writing as per the first Manifesto of Surrealism.


Hi I'm Veronica and I worked at a glory hole for 1 year to pay my for my chicken nuggets and two macbooks, and I can tell you I know a lot about people who suck. It was my job to screen participants, I've learned how they look. They look like levitating vegetables — potatoes, salad, beans, tomatoes — with weird excrescences and old scars from birds pecking them; they had their brains stolen by the giant plant they were now attached to and dependent upon. As they said "hi Veronica, how are you today?" I couldn't help but shiver, they thought I was pro, I was actually afraid it'd happen to me. I noticed my friends had started looking a little like them, they brain connected to the plant by an almost invisible branch. They say it doesn't exist, but when I try to remove it they get aggressive and say I don't understand and should let them be free.
But they aren't. I routinely look in the mirror to find anything weird, but so far I haven't noticed anything vegetable-like on me. I've noticed children miss this branch in their head. Maybe that means I'm too immature, like my friends say? Yet, I've seen at the glory hole how dangerous the Plant could be: people who sucked and got sucked were sucked into a factory-like process, and the more they went back for more the more they were like the others. Those with the wrong excrescences weren't taylorized, but they Plant still tighten its grip on them until they were vegetables too, albeit weirdly shaped ones. Not to much this, more of that, but no one could actually reach the perfect vegetable form, they were still humans at heart, I could see it beating although they pretended they didn't need one.
This morning I looked into the mirror and saw an abnormal strand of hair. Is that it? Am I going to be like them too? Just after I finally bought some happiness by going to the hair-dresser and got my nails done like my friends advised me — I looked down, but in reality I'm deadly afraid of that Plant, it's eating their lives only to excrete babies and income inequalities. I wonder what my new boyfriend — my first! — would think of that, I don't want to show him i'm also fallen, dirty human.

#3 /funny — He is the One


I tried to streamline #1 and make it so that it can actually get downvoted (-225).


that's real funny, really fitting for /funny I guess, but you might never now who is reading what you post and what impact in can have on them. Though this one time you'll know: I left my dad's house when I was 15 because I felt his teaching of Wicca wouldnt lead me anywere anymore and I had hidden from my parents for too long who I truly was, as I always made sure to dispose properly of the animals I killed. After wandering in the rural west of the US for weeks (I hitchhiked and found a really nice group of friends who took me without asking questions), I finally found someone who could immediatly see my hidden side and took me as his student in his woods (in retrospect I don't think they were his). In Wicca we don't really deal with darker natural forces, only how to repel them, and I knew I was basically made to ignore what I truly where and this guy taught me that whatever path in life I choose I couldn't progress without giving in at least once to my demonic heritage. Everything went back to me, how at 7 I enjoyed putting a needle through that bird's head, or how me and 19560 — my astral pet cat I found at 10 — laughed when threw red hot iron balls at squirrels, and boy, I actually loved it. The day after he taught me his sex offender and child predator tricks, that asshole pretended he could show me a neat ritual for chanelling sexual energy into spells for greater efficiency, told me to close my eyes and pretended what I'd feel on my cheeks would be a side effect of using more energy than usual but LIKE FUCK DAMN it was his fucking DICK. Long story short, my demonic side took over and he certainly won't have any children. I still learned a lot, got to know myself a lot better and choose the path of love and justice, but that's still a traumatic experience that reminds me of how enjoyable it was to inflict pain to living things, and I don't like that that's no twhat i want i choose another path.
Anyway, be careful about what you say, it can be hurtful and dangerous.

#4 /cringepics — Ladies, get in line


An exercise in cringe.


No we don't and it's mean to scare ppl for NO reason but personally, although I admit it might sound a bit naive to redditors , its not really constructive to publicly tear down ppl like that someone could find that post here ( reddit isn't exactly unknown and what we say here has consequences in the real word ) and it could hurt his friends or family to see him criticized like that . I agree he's doing something bad but wouldn't it be better to talk with him first in private and actually change his mind instead of posting and mocking people? hates brings more hate to the world and makes it an unbearable place and then hurt ppl will seek protection to the first person who appears to care for them even if their a potential dictator (i dont want to say those who voted for him are stupid but its clear they were manipulated and they wont get any advantages out of the situation and everyone else is scared)
Just some thoughts I wanted to write, sowwy for the length guys you can get back to reading more funny comments 😉

#5 /Unexpected — From cute anime girl to kim Jong Un


Same, but posted in a stupid spot so it got 0 attention.


This is sad that couldn't ,see her like I do 🤔 I find her cute either way 😘, or even more when she's authentic. I do think with all my ❤️ that we can get , to see people's appearance as attractive as if it set its own standards of beauty. I don't know if u see what I mean? It's like ,you don't judge art with a restricted, immobile ,set of criteria , each piece defines its own world and standards 😋. sum ppl weren't happy about impressionists in painting or serialists in music because it wasn't supposedly "art" but it turns out if your listen/look carefully ,,you can appreciate those and learn something. I hope I'm not being too patronizing 😓 sorry if it looks like it but i have something really important to say and I think it could make everyone's life better, so please read until the end! Okay, so, maybe its because Im a lesbiun👩‍❤️‍👩,,and I don't mean that in a antagonizing way we can all get along okay 😇 i think i have an interesting perspective for men here (I assume you are excuse me if im wrong but most readers are ] Anyway all I wanted to say is that i found that most women who 💕 women are more able 2 appreciate unconventional beauty and mainstream standards of beauty r clearly too restrictive and hurtful ; you know there'll always be beautiful women on one side, and the ugly one on the other side of the continuum and a large chunk of the population will feel hurt even if a little every day .But if we tried to put the effort into seeing people appearance standing as their own standard well i think we can all be happier, both when we are judged for our look and when we are judging cauz' will find more people attractive💕💕
edit: hehe hopes it wasnt too long 😆😅 sowy

#6 /cringepics — Ladies, get in line


In reply to a reply to #4.


My aunt confiscated my cousin's computer and wanted to give it to me... Well, I don't want to be uselessly spiteful, but I think their family is dysfunctional and my cousin has a serious problem and needs a psychologist's help , I saw him catching feral cats and huh god this is horirblie to tepy i think he dissects them for fun 🤢 pretending it's for teaching ugh... anyway, it may sound idealistic but I want to repair his mistakes even on the internet so even if that's not really ethical to use someones info and i'm not really good with computers anyway i had a friend check it because i know he programs and maybe put some security on it log keystrokes or self-destruct the battery pack i dunno he told me it seems fine its a "dabian linix" he said i think anyway sowwy it's too long but hey not everyone is out there to get you 😃 dont end up like my cousin pls

#7 /anime — [Spoilers] Alice to Zouroku - Episode 3 discussion

I live in the south and there's no lesb dating scene, the only females I see are the old laddies blabbering about Jesus, my dad's cows, my sister and the kids at school. Anime has been my only comfort and honestly I've ended up being a huge weeb, but I've been afraid recently of my sexual frustration and this kind of stuff doesn't help, I want to feel a young girl's soft cheeks on my inner tights, her breath on my lips... I've had recently the same vivid dream about being a loli a martial arts club with other cute girls and the "training" often devolves into sexual intimacy, but last night I was dreaming I was doing a leg lock on my dream-waifu, and it was unusual she had a lot more trouble breathing, but as I woke up I saw I forgot I was actually sleeping with my sister and I've been basically facefucking her. Breakfast was awkward but maybe she wasn't hungry because she ate too much pussy but anyway long story short my parents confiscated my yuru yuri nendoroids. So yeah, I think Alice to Zouroku is awful and a bad influence on young people's minds.

#8 /gaming — To this day, this is still my favorite Super Mario t-shirt









#9 /pics — Korean crow tit. Looks like a snowball

hihihi i get that a lot from my girlfriend, she's awesome and cute and has a soft flat chest, but she feels bad about it so I sent her this picture I'm not sure she understood it, but yeah basically she loves softly rising my round birds, maybe she's jealous? or she's trying to not get bored of her own body, she doesn't like it it's like noise she says. She reminds me of a loli, i haven't told her but i watched a lot of perverted anime back in the days when birds when singing in my mind, but nowadays she infected me with her fog and now the birds are gone and i feel bad for everything even my love for very young girls although it was pure and never translated to breaking their bodies made of glass. maybe i should buy cat ears and try to communicate with our cat to get a better point of view instead of going on reddit
Edit: I love cats they're like little girls

#10 /pics — Kids today...

You people should really stop making fun of legitimate issues, 11203 women are raped each day in alaska and yes this is clearly a war on women, I don't know how else you'd call that. Or are you in denial like the Japanese, who, I remind you, routinely consume pedophilic media and fetishize submissive behavior disguised as cuteness. Those people are really disgusting to be frankly tbh, I don't know why we still consider them as part of the developed world, they don't even understand christmas' meaning they think it's KFC day. I bet you're also a racist fuck like the Japanese and routinely post on alt-right boards.
Anyway, happy Christmas to all women around the world!
Edit: I see the Japanese Cabal of reddit has decided to downvote me en masse; too bad it only proves my point.

#11 /AskWomen — Attractive women with ugly friends, how does your ugly friend get treated different?

this might sound weird but you should try gettin into the 💗👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💗 lesbian 💗👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💗 community we don't behave like that, and I know many str8 women aren't actually str8 they're just a bit slow

#12 /ColorizedHistory — U.S. Army military policemen toasting bread over molten lava from Vesuvius - March 18, 1944

sorry but ur imagination sucks u imagine trivial discussions while me and my friends are on slack creating complex universes and roleplaying in them
adults are dull I hope I never become like that 😱

#13 /gaming — I beat Pikmin 3 without losing a single Pikmin!

Yeah, I loved it too, in fact I was a fan and collected merchandise my parents and friends thought i was going through a phase a regression into childhood while actually I was repressing my sexual urges and as strange as it sounds I fantasized about pikmins, like they'd crawl all over me and inside my vagina, how I'd have a preferred one i'd carry in my panties throughout the day, found that idea really hot so when I got my first figurine I tried shoving it in, and long story short having to go to a gynecologist for the subsequent infection made me stop my descent into madness

#14 /pics — Our dog was hit by a car and left for dead for hours. He's now laying with his boy after getting a cast on his broken leg.


You need to know a little bit of analytical metaphysics to get this one. It was in reply to a reply to this other post:
ur right about bisexual girls of my age they're must not be really celver not to understand boys will only bring them problems


Ever since I've read On the Plurality of Worlds I've had wet dreams about finding an accessibility relation so that I could have sex with a counterpart of myself.

#15 /teenagers — My mom just looked at a coat that was 50% off.

oh my god r u 76yo why r u on dis sub
mmh ok ill explain XD
nowadays teenagers are on snapshat alot and our bodies are more than ever the substratum of the intentional force in our speech acts
interacting with ppl on the webs is more involved that it ever was, using text is basically prehistoric
that's why we send nudes alot cuz our body isnt this private shameful thing anymore
i sent a bunch of nudes to my english teacher yesterday cuz she's so cute and we've been messaging back and forth and that's a snapshat streak it means it's get hot as af and thats why there's a flame emoji for streaks
the old social conventions are destroyed
technology is liberating us and sex, race, religion, age are just pointless social constructs we hook up with whoever we want because love is universal
that's waht a snapstreak means
it's the new world

#16 /cringepics — Girl wants beat up, guys agree

ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ well okay it's fun to make fun of ppl like that but we tend to froget those pppl while they may look liek the typical privileged white male are actualy a dominated segmant of their in group and yeah their bound to say stupid things to get ppppl to like them and gain status in they're in group but their pppppl like us too they got feelings too (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃ I dont see the point have shaming them like you do on this board and I say that as a lesbian so I know what it is to be mocked for what you are

#17 /todayilearned — TIL that the famous female pirates Mary Read and Anne Bonny discovered each others' real genders (they were disguising themselves as men) when Bonny told Read that she was attracted to her, causing Read to reveal herself as a female as well

that reminds me of when I was playing disgaea (edit: the prinnies always use "dood", for "dude", when they talk) and couldn't further the story because once Flonne, the angel, showed up, I spent most of my time imagining taking her on a date, telling her I love her and shoving her face into my flower and feel her little wings softly rub on tights while I stroke her hair... teehee sowwy went back to those days for a few seconds there *looks around her* I hope my current anime girlfriend doesn't see this messages :$

#18 /FashionReps — THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT net neutrality will effect us and there voting week the government could block this community or charge us for viewing it would be great to call this number to try to stop. If this is not allowed sorry but this could strongly effect my rep fam

If people weren't bogged down by rationalism, this wouldn't be a problem. Net neutrality is about material things, but ideas and emotions are free; we can communicate them through words, but as many experiences have shown over and over, our minds extends further than our body. Open minded people can communicate directly, and it even happens sometimes without any training when two people love each other deeply. Because of hate and materialism, we think we need the internet to communicate without obstacles, but if you opened your mind your inner magic could flow freely and meld with the Earth's mana network and you could join us in the real noosphere.

#19 /ImGoingToHellForThis — Black on Black crime

as ive been trying to explain to this sub many times 😡 knowing whoseg fault it is isnt that easy
thats bcause of institutionalized racism 👮🏻👉🏻👩🏾 white ppl are part of a social system that advantages them so they dont have to worry about being killed at random by cops
ok its true that as a consequence that makes us more virtuous overall because we have to face greater challenges
(cf kant's definition of virtues 💡)
still as a member of one of the most opresssessed group 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩🏿
it's clear that any white that doesnt take part in the destruction of this system of oppression is morally condemnable
just a little something
to make you think
~ T3hBl4ckDYk3 of D3tr01t
edit: of course the privilegied males on reddit are downvoting me

#20 /DownVoteTrolling — RIP no_turn_unstoned2


Trolling the trolls


Good riddance, you "downvote trolls" are just assholes randomly latching out at people and then pretending you're being clever and funny. You probably all voted Trump, right?
Edit: so I just got back from modding my airsoft gun (an Elite Force H&K G28 FDE, pricy but I can afford it thanks to buying bitcoins years ago, sorry for those who missed the train, but it's a major development of American Capitalism!) with a raspberry pi zero, nodejs and speakers so that it plays CS sound effects when I shoot, and all I see is bad faith and projection from deeply misguided people. I was like that years ago, bitter and sad, but thanks to the help of /nofap and /Christianity I shaved my beard, trimmed my nails, got a job, found a beautiful wife and had 3 beautiful children. Quit wasting your time on getting imaginary negative internet points and being mean to people, accept Jesus and help making America Great Again with love instead of fascism!
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IBM's Arvind Krishna: Can Blockchain End Corruption? Acts 2 (6/2/20) P1/2, P2a, P2b and P2/3 Plurals 29.05.20 Sociedade Voluntária - YouTube William Figueira - YouTube

Bitcoin Forum » Bitcoin Business » Marketplace » Goods » Selling Pluralsight Subscription !!!!! $29.99; Advertise with us (we do not endorse any site advertised) ... While the general populace is still getting to grips with what Bitcoin is, and how it works, many tech savvy people are already using it,… Richard's Blog. of Thoughts and Rantings « What “Patience is a Virtue” means. Gardening – Rain Gutter Grow System » Technology – Internet Search, Fora and Secondary Income. Many of us in the technology sector no doubt have heard of Bitcoin and ... Seite 1 der Diskussion 'BITCOIN/ BLOCKCHAIN - nächster Gamechanger?' vom 06.10.2017 im w:o-Forum 'Bitcoin'. Großbritannien ist die Heimat einer enthusiastischen Bitcoin-Szene ist, steht der Kryptowährung insgesamt aber extrem ambivalent gegenüber. Während viele Einzelne das Potenzial des Bitcoins erkennen und sich daran machen, seine Möglichkeiten auszuloten, bleibt das Establishment eher reserviert. Dieser Konflikt wird wohl die Akzeptanz von Bitcoin in Großbritannien behindern und ... The plural of forum is usually spelled forums; the plural fora (as in the original Latin) is chiefly used when talking about a public square in an ancient Roman city. Since you're talking about online discussion boards, I would use forums instead of fora when you are talking about more than one.

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IBM's Arvind Krishna: Can Blockchain End Corruption?

This week for grammar we are looking at singular and plural. Bitcoin, a moeda que mais cresce no mundo migra para fora da internet - Duration: 7 minutes, 13 seconds. Sociedade Voluntária . 4 years ago; 492 views; Conheça o "Bairro do Bitcoin" na Alemanha ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue ORION PARTNER 🌏💸💸💸 Juntos somos mais fortes com Foco Força e Fé A Maior comunidade de doações!! INSCREVER-SE RENDA EXTRA! REALIZANDO SONHOS SOMOS MAIS FORTES... 1,970 views. 22:16. Live Bitcoin Trading With DeriBot on Deribit DeriBot Backup 111 watching. Live now; WH says Trump's act was like Churchill. Anderson Cooper isn't buying it - Duration ...