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Spondoolies-Tech SP30 Yukon 4.5 th/s Bitcoin ASIC Miner Price question

Hi question I have some of them and would like either to replace them with Some smaller more efficient ones.
But prices are crazy right now and those are not very common any idea about what I can but them on eBay for ?
My plan was to sell and buy bitcoin or S9
What do you think ?
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Spondoolies-Tech SP30 Yukon 4.5 th/s Bitcoin ASIC Miner Price question /r/BitcoinMining

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Every single miner is operating at a loss. Even with 'free electricity', no miner in existence will EVER break even.

There is no such thing as 'free electricity', just as there is no such thing as 'free money' - it's just stolen from someone else.
But even if you suppose that electricity can be 'free', every Bitcoin miner currently available would never pay itself off.
There are only two 'pre-order' models which have a hope of breaking even, but as we all know in the world of fraud that is Bitcoin, 'pre-order' might just as well be called 'money-vacuum'.
Even these two pre-order models have ridiculously long break even times (with free electricity!):
Kncminer Neptune (Third Batch) - 151 days
Kncminer Mini Neptune (Third Batch) - 265 days
All the others will never break even, because if you look at the calculations, by mid 2015 they'll be making only a few cents a week when they have to earn thousands of dollars extra to break even. Not gonna happen.
The only two possible exceptions I can identify are the KNC miner Neptune (Second Batch) and the Spondoolies SP30 Yukon (pre-order, slated for September), which have a very small chance of just being able to break even by the end of it's total life - but definitely no profit.
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Spondoolies SP30 firmware/wifi?

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Hello, recently I got my hands on two Spondoolies SP30 miners and was looking to connect them to wifi, there's a wifi option in the settings, but I haven't been able to find any wifi signals with a few wifi usb dongles. So if anyone knows how to help or where I can find the newest firmware I would really appreciate it.
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Spondoolies Tech SP30 Yukon 4.5 THs SHA256 Bitcoin Miner. Final SP30 Unit – Now In Stock, and Ready for Same Day Shipping! SP30 – Dawson. Item: SP30 – Yukon: Effective Hash Rate: 4.5 TH/s ± 10%: ASIC: Total 30 Spondoolies-Tech Rocker ASICs: Controller: TI Sitara 1GHz (based on Beagle Bone Black) Controller Board OS : Linux (embedded) Mining Software: cgminer with custom plugin: Form ... It is a home Bitcoin miner that may actually turn a profit, unlike Bitcoin USB miners. Some of these problems mentioned above have been addressed and as a miner you can do it as a hobby while also making some money. This home Bitcoin miner is not only a good fit for hobby miners but also helps to improve the decentralization of Bitcoin mining as a whole. The more distributed the hash power ... Miner CGMiner wurde entwickelt, um mit Grafikkarten von AMD zu arbeiten. Wenn Sie einen PC oder eine Farm mit NVIDIA-Grafikkarten besitzen, ist es besser, den Dual Miner von Claymore zu verwenden. Selbst CGMiner kann Debug-Informationen zur Verfügung stellen, den "Problem" -Arbeiter automatisch deaktivieren, über einen Proxy arbeiten und die Strategie Load Balance und Round Robin verwenden ... SPONDOOLIES BITCOIN MINER SP30-PWR MEZZ PCB-2006 REV A00. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET ***Anything else not mentioned is not included*** CONDITION: UNIT IS USED WORKING . NOTE: IT IS USE ITEM SCUFFS , SCRATCHES , NORMAL USE. OTHER ACCESSORIES NOT SHOWN IN PICTURE ARE NOT INCLUDED!!!! PAYMENT: We prefer Paypal (Using Paypal we are able to ship your item faster). All buyers must contact us at ... Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Spondoolies SP30 Bitcoin Miner gebraucht Main Board ist - bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel!

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Spondoolies Tech SP30 Miner: unpacking and installation - Duration: 5:23. ... Avalon 6 Bitcoin Mining Hardware Setup - Duration: 8:05. Bitcoin Mining 97,731 views. 8:05. The Coronavirus Home ... This short video shows, how SP30 Yukon bitcoin miner looks like, works and it's level of noise! You can find all other models via the link This episode of BBT we take a deep dive look at the Spondoolies SP30 Yukon Bitcoin Mining unit and the MAT Excailbur 5 250m/h Scrypt based mining unit. The Spondoolies Tech over the course of 3 ... Free Bitcoin Miner 2019 July 2019 - Newest version, tested Free Bitcoin Miner - BTCMINE+ Crypto Auto Miner Ultimate 2019 With newest version you can earn eve... UCoustic 24U Active Rack Cabinet with Bitcoin miners inside: 2x Spondoolies-Tech SP30 Yukon.