Buying bitcoin: Spurlock to live off online currency - CNN

Morgan Spurlock dives into Bitcoin in "inside Man"

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YAY! \o/ Got filmed for an 1 Hour CNN episode about Bitcoin 2 weeks ago! Airing sometime in the fall for "Inside Man" (Morgan Spurlock) CNN Bitcoin Documentary. =D Yea I'm also wearing a NXT tshirt!

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Inside Man with Morgan Spurlock ad for next weeks bitcoin episode.

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3 Things CNN Got Wrong in Morgan Spurlock’s “Inside Man” Bitcoin Episode

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Morgan Spurlock Living On Bitcoin The Inside Man Bitcoin CNN Full Documentary

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Morgan Spurlock dives into Bitcoin in "inside Man"

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Inside Man with Morgan Spurlock ad for next weeks bitcoin episode.

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Morgan Spurlock dives into Bitcoin in "inside Man"

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Morgan Spurlock Inside Man Trailer - Bitcoin - Bitcoin Education
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The Inside Man episode on Bitcoin Mega-Thread
Morgan Spurlock's episode of "Inside Man" featuring Bitcoin is airing tonight. I imagine there will be a bunch of new people here looking for information. I'll update this thread with relevant information - but here's the answer to the big question:
Where can I get a few bitcoins? You'll probably want to check out coinbase or circle to buy some, but for now you can probably get a few bits by following this link to /freebits. You should receive about 100 bits (About $0.02 USD) in a couple hours. It's not much, but it does allow you to join the experience.
You don't have to know everything about bitcoin to get your foot in the door, but if you're the technical type, this 8-page white paper by S. Nakamoto describes bitcoin:
Do you learn best from video? Check our /bitcointv
Interested in a book? Andreas Antonopolous made an appearance in Inside Man tonight - you can buy his book, Mastering Bitcoin, from Amazon or read it for free online. (Caution: This is a technical book, best for those with some experience programming.)
Please don't miss the great sticky post at the top of /bitcoin. It will literally answer 90% of the questions you might have. (Thanks BashCo)
There's one other note I'd like to share: When you get started, you'll probably receive a few bits on or you'll buy them from one of the exchanges. This is a great start - but your bitcoins aren't fully secured unless you hold them in a wallet that you manage. Some examples are the greenaddress wallet (on all popular platforms), the mycelium wallet (available on Android and iOS) and breadwallet (specifically for iOS).
Please feel free to ask any questions below - we'll do our best to provide solid answers!
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Bitcoin transaction fees do not directly correlate with market cap.

Yo guys... I'm confused as fuck... I don't understand why Bitcoins transaction fees are not directly correlated with BTC price. Are they determined by volume perhaps? I mean if you look at the transaction price it's generally correlated with price, but for instance, the current transaction fee is about the same as it was in January 2017 while the market cap is way higher.
Also, looking at posts and videos from early/mid last year, such as Morgan Spurlock's 'the inside man' and endless others, they all talk about how BTC is/was going to save money on transaction fees compared to banks. This claim now is preposterous... The transaction fees are oft times exorbitant, making anything less than a $100 transaction charity to miners.
Thoughts? Plz don't roast me, I really did research this a fair bit b4 coming here. Thanks in advance
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Hilo General de Bitcoin, despues del Hardfork, viene la evolución.

Hilo continuación del que venimos, para postear opiniones y noticias que no merecen hilo propio. Iré modificándolo poco a poco para dejarlo bien.
[QUOTE=Sr.Mojón;18954032][B][SIZE="5"]Hilo Oficial del Bitcoin[/SIZE][/B] [SIZE="5"][B][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Green"]XI Edition[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/SIZE]
[I][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Gray"]100% genuine, original, unadulterated bitcoin, madafakas. Contraindicado y no apto para cardíacos o si usted padece del corazón[/COLOR][/SIZE][/I]
[B][SIZE="3"]Cotización en tiempo real[/SIZE][/B] [IMG][/IMG]
[SIZE="4"][B]Venimos de...[/B][/SIZE] [url][/url] [url=""]Hilo oficial del Bitcoin (IX)[/url] - 07-nov-2015 [url=""]Hilo oficial del Bitcoin (VIII)[/url] - 27-jul-2015 - [I][COLOR="Gray"](retornado del exilio político)[/COLOR][/I] [url=""]Hilo oficial del Bitcoin (VII)[/url] - 13-ene-2015 [url=""]Hilo oficial del Bitcoin (VI)[/url] - 14-ene-2014 [url=""]Hilo oficial del Bitcoin (V)[/url] - 27-nov-2013 [url=""]Hilo oficial del Bitcoin (IV)[/url] - 24-oct-2013 [url=""]Hilo oficial del Bitcoin (III)[/url] - 22-abr-2013 [url=""]Hilo oficial del Bitcoin (II)[/url] - 11-abr-2013 [url=""]Hilo oficial del Bitcoin (I)[/url] - 06-mar-2013 [URL=""]Guía para el absoluto novato en Bitcoin[/URL] - 02-jul-2011
[I]*En estos hilos hay gráficas y noticias de sus respectivas fechas.[/I]
[SIZE="4"][B]¿Que coño es bitcoin?[/B][/SIZE] [YOUTUBE]ceef71b0zSo[/YOUTUBE]
Los cimientos de BITCOIN: [youtube]ZDNZTiCtbIY[/youtube]
Ejemplo visual de una BlokChain: [url][/url]
[B][URl] [/url] >>> What da FAQ oficial full nodo [url][/url] VPN [url][/url] [url][/url]
[B]Dificultad[/B] [URL=""]Bitcoinwisdom - Difficulty[/URL] [URL=""]Bitcoin Network Graphs[/URL]
[SIZE="4"][B]Charting y cotizaciones: [/B][/SIZE] [URL=""]Bitcoinwisdom[/URL] [URL=""]Bitcoinity[/URL] [URL=""]TradingView - Bitcoin[/URL] [URL=""]Coinorama[/URL] [URL=""]Bitcoin Charts[/URL] - [COLOR="SlateGray"]Historical data completa[/COLOR] [URL=""][/URL] [URL=""]Pizza Charts[/URL] [URL=""]BFXdata[/URL] [URL=""]Bitcoin Analytics[/URL] [url][/url]
[U]-.nuevos_2016:[/U] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] ** ,muy interesante [url][/url] [url][/url] [url=]Satoshi Converter[/url] *Para saber el cálculo en usd/eur en unidades menores al Bitcoin. [url][/url] *Para saber el cálculo entre fiat-cryptomonedas
[SIZE="4"][B]Noticias: [/B][/SIZE] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]
[B]Exchanges[/B] [URL=""]Bitstamp[/URL] - [COLOR="SlateGray"]SEPA[/COLOR] [URL=""]BTC-e[/URL] - [COLOR="slategray"]SEPA[/COLOR] [URL=""]Kraken[/URL] - [COLOR="slategray"]SEPA[/COLOR] [URL=""]Gemini[/URL] - [COLOR="SlateGray"]USA[/COLOR] [URL=""]Coinsetter[/URL] - [COLOR="slategray"]USA[/COLOR] [URL=""]Coinbase Exchange[/URL] - [COLOR="slategray"]USA[/COLOR] [URL=""]OKCoin[/URL] - [COLOR="slategray"]China[/COLOR] [URL=""]Huobi[/URL] - [COLOR="slategray"]China[/COLOR] [URL=""]Bitfinex[/URL] - [COLOR="slategray"]Hong Kong[/COLOR] Mas..[url][/url]
[B]Herramientas[/B] [URL=""]QTBitcoinTrader[/URL] [URL=""]Cryptotrader[/URL] - [COLOR="slategray"]Estrategias y bots para Quants[/COLOR] [URL=""]Fee Calculator[/URL] [URL=""]Alertas[/URL] [url][/url]
[B][SIZE="4"]Gurus de Bitcoin:[/SIZE][/B]
Andreas Antonopoulos Charlie Shrem Peter Thiel Arvin Narayand
[B][SIZE="4"]Cursos:[/SIZE][/B] -. [url][/url] (paper sobre una sidechain que servirá para incluir un sistema descentralizado de oráculos en Bitcoin.) In-depth Udemy Course(over 8 hours of video tutorials) -. [url][/url] Coursera Cryptocurrency Course(61 videos in 11 sections) -.[url][/url] Khan Academy Bitcoin Course(9 ~10 minute videos) -.[url][/url] Bitcoin 101 Blackboard Series(over 7 hours of video tutorials) -. [url][/url] Introduction to Bitcoin(3 hour course available via free trial) -. [url][/url] Introduction toDigital Currency - MOOC offered by University of Nicosia -. [url][/url]
[B][SIZE="4"]Deep Dive Technical Resources: (pá los valientes):[/SIZE][/B] Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Technologies (Princeton's 300 page textbook) [url][/url] Bitcoin Developer Guide [url][/url] Bitcoin Ninja [url][/url] Bitcoin Protocol Specification [url][/url] Epic List of Research Papers [url][/url] How the Bitcoin Protocol Actually Works [url][/url] Mastering Bitcoin [url][/url] Epic List of Bitcoin Books [url][/url] Epic List of Many Blockchain Books [url][/url] Programming the Blockchain in C# [url][/url]
[B][SIZE="4"]Documentales:[/SIZE][/B] Bitcoin Films [url][/url] Bitcoin in Uganda BrRXP1tp6Kw Inside Man with Morgan Spurlock [url][/url] Life on Bitcoin [url][/url] Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine K8kua5B5K3I The Bitcoin Doco [url][/url] The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin [url][/url]
[B][SIZE="4"]otras cosas de este año 2016:[/SIZE][/B] [url][/url]
[url][/url] is a small USB stick that allows you to spend Bitcoin like a dollar bill. Pass it along multiple times. Connect to any USB to check balance. Unseal anytime to spend online. Trust no one.
[url][/url] It can be used to split any "secret" (i.e. a password, text file, Bitcoin private key, anything) into n number of "shares" (each the same size in bits as the original secret), requiring that exactly any number t ("threshold") of them be present to reconstruct the original secret.
[U]Compra rapida Por Claudius:[/U]
Y por ultimo:
[I]P.D1:*¿que puede pasar si se amplia el Tamaño de Bloque?[/I] [url][/url]
P.D2:[url][/url] [I](primer ejemplo de lightning_network)[/I]
explicacion del video anterior: [SPOILER]Todo lo hace en la testchain de Bitcoin. Abre un canal con 0'04 testcoins y efectua el pago de 10000 milisatoshis para comprar la ya famosa imagen de los gatitos viendo la luna.
No hay transacción de vuelta, es símplemente un pago que se ha realizado a través del canal que habían abierto.
En la blockchain (en realidad, en la testchain, puesto que se está utilizando la cadena de bloques para pruebas que tiene Bitcoin) se ha realizado una transacción, que es la transacción necesaria que hay que hacer para establecer el canal.
La transacción de compra de la imagen (la de los 10000 milisatoshis) es la que se hace fuera de la cadena de bloques.
A ver, el canal se establece por un importe de 0'04 bitcoins (testcoins, en realidad). Una vez realizada la transacción de 10000 milibitcoins en la lightning network, el balance de ese canal cambia a 0'04 bitcoins - 10000 milibitcoins.
Pero lo bueno del asunto es que el canal de pagos es bidireccional y, se supone, que formará parte de una red (la lightning network) de manera que el balance se irá reajustando conforme las transacciones de la red vayan necesitando hacer uso de dicho del canal de pago que has abierto.
Cuando cualquiera de las dos partes decida cerrar el canal, entonces el balance que contenga en ese instante será el que se fijará en la cadena de bloques.
Las transacciones que emplean el canal de pago son "off blockchain", esto es, se realizan sin necesidad de ser reflejadas en la cadena de bloques. La única transacción que ha necesitado utilizar la cadena de bloques es la necesaria para crear el canal.
El canal no se ha cerrado, ha permanecido abierto.[/SPOILER] P.D 3:
P.D 4: Los iré añadiendo poco a poco que son un huevo: [url][/url]
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Thoughts from the CNN Inside Man show with Morgan Spurlock

If you are lucky enough to be watching the Morgan Spurlock Bitcoin episode of Inside Man on CNN please tell me what you thought / think ;0)
Edit: I'm a cable cutter so I don't have TV :(
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Putting together a merchant how-to 'one-pager' and USB stick resource guide.

I recently moved to a new area and have been visiting my local grocery store pretty much every day to buy some of the basics. There's no ATM nearby so I end up using my debit card which incurs a 50p Visa or £1 Mastercard charge each time I do so. The shopkeeper is very apologetic about it and usually launches into a big speech about how much he hates banks for fucking him and his customers like this.
I've been subtly suggesting bitcoin to him every time he goes into his tirade "So do you accept bitcoin yet?" and he's slowly beginning to bite after initially laughing the idea off and giving me a 'WTF' look.
I and the shopkeeper were talking about bitcoin again earlier today and the dude next to me in the shop queue chirps up saying: "You should seriously think twice about doing this unless you want volatility to fuck you."
At which point I mention BitPay "Oh well that's another discussion for another day." Says negative Nancy. Not really I say but of course I don't have time to go into the full details. The shopkeeper is left unsure who or what to believe (after-all I probably sound like some kind of snakeoil sales rep talking about magical fee-less money transactions).
It strikes me that there's a lot of conflicting bullshit out there and that, although it's encouraging to know a complete randomer in the queue knows about bitcoin, the FUDsters are currently dominating the convo among the 'average man (and merchant) on the street'.
Which brings me to my main point:
It would be kind of nice, I think, to simply hand the shopkeeper a USB stick with a bunch of Youtube videos and PDF's explaining what bitcoin is and how to get started, how to avoid volatility and so forth, along with a simple one-page printout gently introducing the concept.
Any ideas for what to include would be much appreciated, I think everything from basic how to's to documentaries such as the Morgan Spurlock Inside Man special could be included on the USB stick.
If we get something nice together, I'll do all the downloading and provide everything in a zip for others that might want to follow suit.
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CNN’s Inside Man Will Do An Episode On Bitcoin - Bitcoin Education
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Morgan Spurlock CNN On Bitcoin Morgan Spurlock dives into Bitcoin in Morgan Spurlock Inside Man Trailer - Bitcoin - YouTube Morgan Spurlock Inside Man Trailer - Dating Morgan Spurlock Inside Man Season 3

What is to be made of digital dollars? How does bitcoin work, and might you be able to eat, live and exist entirely through these mysterious moneys? Morgan Spurlock veröffentlichte seinen erwarteten Inside Man auf Bitcoin und es enttäuscht nicht. Du kannst die ganze Episode hier auf YouTube anschauen, aber es ist unbekannt, ob CNN es für die Urheberrechtsverletzung herablassen wird (hoffentlich nicht). Für diejenigen mit einem CNN Go Konto können sie es hier online anschauen. Allerdings, wenn Sie diese Chancen lesen, sind Sie entweder ... Morgan Spurlock, most famous for his documentary Super Size Me, spent a week last year living on nothing but Bitcoin (instead of McDonald’s food) for his show CNN show Inside Man.The episode aired last night and covered all the basics of Bitcoin with relative accuracy. Also read: CNNMoney’s Jose Pagliery Talks ‘Bitcoin: And the Future of Money’ at Bitcoin Center NYC Morgan Spurlock , the Academy Award-nominated director of "Super Size Me," tells compelling stories from an insider's perspective. Can Morgan Spurlock survive for a week on Bitcoin? Go inside the strange new world of digital currency, Thursday at 9p ET/PT

[index] [36371] [29368] [42610] [20459] [22382] [6387] [31063] [3490] [31362] [49415]

Morgan Spurlock CNN On Bitcoin

Virtual money sounds like scam, but Bitcoin, is a new form of currency that's intangible by design. Spurlock dives into Bitcoin in this week's "Inside Man" Morgan Spurlock Inside Man Trailer - Bitcoin - Duration: 0:31. CNN 8,107 views. 0:31. The views are just as unbelievable as the prices - Duration: 1:19. CNN 2,860 views. 1:19 'Duck Commander' Phil ... Can Morgan Spurlock survive for a week on Bitcoin? Go inside the strange new world of digital currency, Thursday at 9p ET/PT This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue A CNN show "inside Man" . A good & informative program to show the future of Bitcoin in 2015.